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Teeter Expert Tip of the Day – Some Workers Comp Can Improve Your Cash Flow

By June 25, 2015May 30th, 2017Personal Insurance

derek ace

Does your payroll fluctuate throughout the year?  Is your payroll higher in the summer and lower in the winter?  This is normal for a lot of businesses that are seasonal.  Did you know that some workers comp carriers offer a “pay as you go” payment option that can actually improve your cash flow.  You report your payroll monthly, and your premium is calculated based on what you report.  So when your business is up and cash is good, your bill will adjust up and when things are slow, your bill will go down.  Pay as you go also eliminates an audit bill that may hit at the end of the policy period.

Does your payroll fluctuate?  Want to improve your cash flow?  We have a number of companies that offer “Pay as you Go.”

Derek Martin
Insurance Ace