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Heading Off To College? Insurance Issues to Think About

By August 20, 2015May 30th, 2017Personal Insurance

kelly wizard

If you’re getting ready to send your son or daughter off to college here are a few insurance issues to think about:

  1. How much stuff are they taking?  Does your current homeowner’s policy have a high enough contents coverage limit?  Most homeowner’s policies will cover up to 10% of the parent’s contents limit for property off premises.  Furniture, electronics, clothing, etc can add up quickly so check your limit.
  2. Are they living on campus or off campus?  If it’s off campus, you might want to consider a separate renters policy.
  3. Are they taking a car?  If yes, let your agent know where the car will be to avoid problems.  If they are not taking a car, you might be eligible for an “away at school” discount.
  4. How are their grades?  Some carriers offer discounts for good students.

If you have a child heading to college, give me a call at (814) 944-5900 to review.

Kelly Bragg
Insurance Wizard